June 26, 2017

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With the Christmas and New Year party season coming up fast, don’t get caught out with unintentional drink driving the morning after!  The new AlcoSense Excel is a nifty little gadget that might just save your licence.




It’s easier than you might think to still have alcohol in your system the morning after a few drinks the night before – and unintentionally drink drive the next day.  The AlcoSense Excel is the first breathalyser under £100 to use a smaller version of exactly the same sensor used in several UK Police-approved breathalysers, bringing a new level of accuracy and reliability for drivers at this price.




It is also the first breathalyser at this price point to feature a full colour screen, a  graphic user interface giving on-screen prompts and tips, and works with any drink drive limit anywhere in the world.

Priced £99.99 online at alcosense.co.uk and in-store and online at halfords.com.  More info from alcosense.co.uk


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