June 26, 2017

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Ever wondered which car manufacturers offer the best discounts? Well… if you’re after a Renault Grand Scenic or a Ford Focus then you might be in luck.

According to car sale website AutoeBid.com these two models attract some of the biggest discounts available with dealerships willing to shave literally £1,000s off the price in return for a sale.

AutoeBid.com secures the discount by having dealerships bid against each other in a ‘reverse auction’ to provide buyers with the best possible deal.




The discounts mean that, often, buying a new car can be better value than buying used – as shown below for the Seat Leon, BMW 3 Series and Skoda Octavia.

However, if you’re planning to strike a deal on a new Jaguar F-Pace or Fiat 124 Spyder then you could be out of luck.

Chris Greener, MD of AutoeBid.com said: “Only small discounts are available for new models. When the new Volvo XC90 and Kia Sportage models emerged there was almost no discount available. Now they have been around for a few months, a discount of over 8% is possible.”

“Also cars which experience a large demand like the new BMW M2, are a challenge to supply let alone achieve a discount for.”

“The reasons some makers are happier to discount depends on factors such as production targets, competing models and ultimate position in the vehicle’s lifecycle.”

AutoeBid.com are so familiar with the discounts on offer, they can even tell buyers the minimum saving to expect when purchasing a car through the site.


Skoda Octavia


According to recent figures from AutoeBid.com, here are the best and worst cars to get discounts on:

10 cars with the biggest discounts when bought through AutoeBid.com:

   Example savings
Model  Typical discount %  List Price  Max AutoeBid Price  Average price for used car Minimum Saving 
Renault Grand Scenic 28 £23,185 £16,461 £15,365 £6,724
Hyundai i30 26 £20,595 £15,084 £13,505 £5,511
Ford Focus 24 £22,645 £16,802 £15,495 £5,843
SEAT Leon 22 £21,565 £16,673 £17,505 £4,892
Vauxhall Zafira 22 £25,765 £19,881 £16,750 £5,884
Fiat 500 20 £14,100 £11,062 £8,935 £3,038
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 20 £24,250 £19,350 £18,180 £4,900
BMW 3 Series 19 £41,015 £33,134 £37,040 £7,881
Skoda Octavia 18 £20,740 £17,040 £17,525 £3,700
Nissan Qashqai 18 £26,310 £21,612 £21,520 £4,698


Worst discounts:

Model  Typical discount % 
Jaguar F-Pace 0
BMW M2 0
Fiat 124 Spyder 0
SEAT Ateca

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