June 26, 2017

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Driving Made Easy

Compiled by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), and published by Stationary Office Books, this guide is widely seen as representing the industry standard for driving skills. The manual is popular reference material not just for beginner drivers, but also experienced motorists, driving instructors, and those that drive professionally.

The manual is packed full of advice and tips, all designed to help drivers stay safe on the road, by learning and maintaining essential driving skills. The most recent edition of this guide was released in 2010, with revisions including a guide to independent driving, something which was introduced to the practical driving test that same year. Also look out for advice on dealing with emergency diversions and road works, and overtaking slow moving vehicles.

Each chapter in the book is dedicated to a specific topic associated with driving, going into more detail about the subject, and covering any routines you’ll have to follow, or things you’ll need to be aware of while out on the road. Examples include: adjusting mirrors, and the mirror, signal manoeuvre routine and different types of road junction, and the routine you have to go through with each.  At some point you’ll have to face driving on a motorway, driving at night, or driving in different weather conditions, so it’s important to learn how to deal with those too.

The DSA have also added good introductions to other aspects of life as a driver, such as applying for your driving licence and insurance, the Highway Code, keeping your car safe and secure, and how to be an eco-conscious driver.  The comprehensive coverage in this book means it also covers issues effecting taxi drivers, anyone driving in Europe, and little details like how to safely tow a trailer. Bought together with books on the Highway Code, Road Signs, and the Driving Theory Test, and you’ll have all you need to help you pass your driving test.

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