June 26, 2017

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An estimated 10 million British motorists drink and drive. In December, when alcohol consumption soars by 40% in the UK, 7.8% more people are arrested on drink driving charges than any other month of the year.

These shocking figures show just how many of us are risking our lives – and our personal record – by getting behind the wheel after one too many drinks during the festive season. Driving above the legal limit has severe – not to mention, costly – repercussions, yet it seems in the haze of Christmas merriment, many motorists are risking it all to get home.




Introducing a brand new infographic from Keith Michaels: Stay Frosty, Don’t Drink and Drive This Festive Season. This impactful guide features some of the most hard-hitting facts and figures on drink driving over the festive period, as well as handy tips for motorists on how to avoid being tempted to drive after one too many festive tipples.

With the Christmas party season upon us, now is the time to hit home just how dangerous drunk driving can be – not only for motorists themselves, but for other road users. After all, there’s nothing more sobering than a 6-month prison sentence, a hefty fine, a criminal record and a year-long driving ban – all of which can result from getting caught behind the wheel whilst over the legal limit.



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